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The Kara Heritage Institute, promoting a rich and vibrant heritage

The Kara Heritage Institute events showcase African tradition,
culture and heritage.

The Kara Heritage Institute gallery is a true testament to the indigenous cultural heritage, with African tradition and culture dominating at gatherings and events.

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Kara Heritage Institute Books

Long Walk to Freedom, The Autobiography of Dr Nelson Mandela Foreword by President Clinton
The Hermetica, the Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs By Timothy Freke/ Peter Gandy
The Egyptian Book of the dead by EA Wallis Budge
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene By Jean-Yves Leloup foreword By Jacob Needleman
The Gospel of Phillip by Jean-Yves Leloup foreword By Jacob Needleman
The Hymns Of Hermes, Echoes from Gnosis By G R S Mead
The History of the World Volume 4, The age of Diverging Traditions By JM Roberts
Mindprint, The Subconscious Art Code by Edmond Furter
The Path to Self-Knowledge by Prof Mathole Motshekga
Ubuntu; The African Philosophy of Origins and Being by Prof Mathole Motshekga
The History of Karaism By Prof: Mathole Motshekga
A Spiritual Paradigm For The African Century By Prof; Mathole Motshekga
The Footprints of the rain Goddess, by Prof; Mathole Motshekga
The Mudjadji Dynasty; The Principle of Female Leadership in African Cosmology by Prof: Mathole Motshekga

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