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Self-knowledge shall set you free

Welcome to the Kara Heritage Institute

The Kara Heritage Institute is a leading South African organisation, working for the humanity of Africa by bringing our past African heritage into the present, and shaping our future.

The Kara Heritage Institute is committed to leveraging the knowledge and ethos of Africa’s heritage to grow sustainable and empowered communities, which ultimately gain the freedom to shape their own destiny.

By reigniting awareness of our past African heritage and bringing indigenous values and principles back into our present culture, we can recover the humanity of all South Africans and Africans for the future. We can restore our self-knowledge, sense of self-worth and self-esteem, culture of self-help and self-reliance, plus the will to develop and progress.

With the belief that self-knowledge shall set us free, the Kara Heritage Institute plays a fundamental role in educating and building African heritage, culture, tradition and religion, ultimately contributing to igniting the African Renaissance.

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